A Wave Simulator and Active Heave Compensation Framework
JOpenShowVar, a communication interface to Kuka robots


1st prize at the SOCRATIC Social innovation Hackathon in Trondheim

The aim of the Social innovation Hackathon event is to bridge people from different backgrounds and explore how IT can help deliver social innovations that can have a global impact. The event features social entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations, companies that are working towards social innovation, academics, students, and social groups facing challenges. NTNU organises this seminar connected to the EU-project «SOCRATIC» in Horizon 2020 ( The main goal of the project is to provide citizens and organisations a collaborative space where they can identify innovative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. The event was organised by Letizia Jaccheri, Professor and Head of Department of Computer and Information Science, NTNU.

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A free ride on the Uber app, free code

Dear friends, tired of overpaying for cabs? I’m giving you a free ride on the Uber app. To accept, use code 'filippos37ue' to sign up. Enjoy! Details:

Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Upgrade (Early 2011)

I have upgraded my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) by replacing the old RAM (2x4GB) with new RAM (2x8GB).

Here are the steps that I followed: MacBook Pro: How to remove or install memory.

I also took some photos to document the process.

Filippo Sanfilippo