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2015, December, 19 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Some shots that I recently took in Japan

I am glad to share some shots that I recently took in Japan. I was there to present the following article: Filippo Sanfilippo, Paul B.T. Weustink and Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen. A Coupling Library for the Force Dimension Haptic Devices and the 20-sim Modelling and Simulation Environment. Accepted for publication to the Proc. of the 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON), Yokohama, Japan, 2015. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]

2014, October, 19 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Day 1 - Black & White photo challenge

Day 1 - Black & White photo challenge. I was nominated by my friend Anniken Karlsen and now I nominate Loris Fichera to post a black & white photo for 5 days and nominate a person each day to do the same - just for fun! This is my first photo, it was taken in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2014, October, 10 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Sunset at the lighthouse, Ålesund, Norway

Sometimes the sunset become so colourful that it looks unreal. Enjoy this photo!

Rainbow over Ålesund, Norway

Rainbow over Ålesund, Norway. Enjoy the colourful photos I took.

NORWAY. An amazing full HD 4K video time-lapse adventure

Please watch in HD with good speakers for the optimal experience.

2014, September, 27 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Storm and long exposure photography

Here some shots taken during the last storm in Ålesund by using long exposure photography.

2014, September, 26 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Storm hits Ålesund, impressive waves and clouds

Storm hits Ålesund, impressive waves and clouds. Here some photos!

2014, September, 25 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Colourful sunset, Ålesund

Here in Ålesund, we get pretty amazing sunsets even in September :)

2014, September, 23 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Ålesund in a Mirror, water reflection photography can change an image into a work of art

Ålesund is the perfect place for reflection photography. Using reflections in photography can lead to some amazing effects and beautiful images.

Lightning over Ålesund, an exceptional electric storm

Because of the influence of small or absent land masses in the vast stretches of the ocean, lightning is notably less frequent here in Ålesund than over larger landforms. However there are exceptions. In fact, last night an incredible number of lightning and electrostatic discharges took place in Ålesund, almost like an electric storm! Here some photos of such an exceptional night.

Moonlight Over Agira, Enna, Sicily. Una luna stupenda

Bellissima vista della luna su Agira, ieri. La luna più grande dell'anno.

Amazing sunset from Aksla, Ålesund, Norway

Amazing sunset from Aksla, Ålesund, Norway.

Filippo Sanfilippo