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Shoes cleaner in São Paulo, Brazil

Day 3 - Black & White photo challenge

Day 3 - Black & White photo challenge. I was nominated by Anniken Karlsen and now I nominate Geir Bjørndal Srisoi to post a black & white photo for 5 days and nominate a person each day to do the same - just for fun! This is my third photo, I took this shoot last summer in São Paulo, Brazil. With this photo I wanted to highlight the huge gap between rich and poor in Brazil. São Paulo is seen as the economic centre of Brazil, containing the headquarters of most companies. In this city there is a large contrast between the rich and the poor. This is demonstrated by children having to clean shoes in the city centre to earn pocket money and support their family.

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Day 3 - Black & White photo challenge - Filippo Sanfilippo
Filippo Sanfilippo