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Hey, YOU crazy jumper, YOU and your NOMINATION game are breaking the INTERNET

Yes, you crazy jumpers are breaking the Internet! :D In the last few days, several internet domains have been totally down for several hours, including The reason? This crazy jumping mania that is involving lot and lot of people, especially in Norway. It just went VIRAL, literally

In the video above, you can see an example of this haunting game which consists of jumping into the cold water and then nominating some other friends to do the same. If not they will lose the challenge and will be publicly derided. As you can see, now, even a friend of mine is challenging me. Really! :P

The effect of this mania is a disaster from different points of view. Facebook has more than 30,000 servers (and this number is constantly increasing). However, when a social event of this proportion happens, even a giant like Facebook goes on its knees. Simply there is not enough network bandwidth to serve such a collective uploading mania. Most of these videos are uploaded in HD quality this resulting in an enormous amount of data to be stored.

This is one reason why, as an engineer, I will not jump and I will decline this challenge!

Moreover, from a personal point of view, I think that is quite stupid to do something just because all the other people are doing it. I am not like the other people...and I do not want to be!

In addition, the police has officially released a communicate about this topic, here.

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Hey, YOU crazy jumper, YOU and your NOMINATION game are breaking the INTERNET - Filippo Sanfilippo
Filippo Sanfilippo