A Wave Simulator and Active Heave Compensation Framework
JOpenShowVar, a communication interface to Kuka robots

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ICMA 2014, notification of paper acceptance

The following two papers have been accepted at 2014 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2014). The authors and the titles of the accepted papers are as follows: F. Sanfilippo, L. I. Hatledal, H. Zhang and K. Y. Pettersen. Mapping Approach for Controlling Different Maritime Cranes and Robots Using ANN; Y. Chu, F. Sanfilippo, V. Æsøy and H. Zhang. An Effective Heave Compensation and Anti-sway Control Approach for Offshore Hydraulic Crane Operations. C

BioRob2014, notification of paper acceptance

Title: ModGrasp: an Open-Source Rapid-Prototyping Framework for Designing Low-Cost Sensorised Modular Hands. Author(s): Filippo Sanfilippo*, Houxiang Zhang, Kristin Y. Pettersen, Gionata Salvietti, Domenico Prattichizzo Dear Mr. Filippo Sanfilippo, we are pleased to inform you that the contribution referenced above, for which you are listed as the corresponding author, has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the 5th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics a

Filippo Sanfilippo