A Wave Simulator and Active Heave Compensation Framework
JOpenShowVar, a communication interface to Kuka robots

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2017, September, 10 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

1st prize at the SOCRATIC Social innovation Hackathon in Trondheim

The aim of the Social innovation Hackathon event is to bridge people from different backgrounds and explore how IT can help deliver social innovations that can have a global impact. The event features social entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations, companies that are working towards social innovation, academics, students, and social groups facing challenges. NTNU organises this seminar connected to the EU-project «SOCRATIC» in Horizon 2020 ( The main goal of the project

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Innotown 2014, an experience that challenges your usual mindset

InnoTown Conference was established in 2000, and is regarded as one of the Premier Business&innovation Conference in Europe. Every year InnoTown curates an acclaimed program of world-class speakers that is truly engaging for anyone with an international and innovative outlook.

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