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2015, November, 4 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Best Poster Award at the Proceeding of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT’15)

I am very glad to announce that our work titled "Fully-Immersive Hapto-Audio-Visual Framework for Remote Touch" has been awarded as the "Best Student Poster" at the Proceeding of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT’15), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 1-3, 2015.

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2015, January, 15 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Student Projects Summary for the Real Time Systems at Aalesund University College

I am especially thankful to Professor Webjørn Rekdalsbakken, Department of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Aalesund University College. He gave me the chance to teach Real time computer programming together with Girts Strazdins and with Ivar Blindheim. I really enjoyed this experience. During the last year course in Real Time Systems, our students focused on several challenges that currently affect the filed of maritime applications and related industry. In the following, an overview of the

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2014, December, 10 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

The Hour of Code with the little students from Aalesund International School

This week is a special one. It is the coding and programming week arranged over large parts of the world, a project which involves little students and people of all ages getting a complete insight into programming. Aalesund University College has been involved in this fantastic project and thanks to my colleague, Kjell Inge Tomren, I also had the chance to give my contribution to the event. Programming is fun, and teaching programming to little students is even more exciting!

2014, October, 21 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Joomla based website for the Mechatronics and all AMO Laboratories at Aalesund University College

When I started my PhD studies at Aalesund University College, I gave my contribution to the setting up of the Mechatronics Lab. One major contribution consisted in developing the website for the newly constituted Mechatronics Laboratory. This work has been done as extra in my spare time. The website is based Joomla. Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that can be us

Best PhD poster at Ocean Talent Camp 2014

Ocean Talent Camp is an event that encompasses all offshore industries, and a wide variety of businesses from all around the region of Sunnmøre . Recruitment is the main focus. This event is organised every year by Aalesund University College. During this even all the researchers and PhD students are invited to present their ongoing work by means of a poster exhibition. Quite unexpectedly, one of my poster has been awarded with the price for "Best PhD poster". Here is the awarded poster.

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2014, September, 30 Filippo Sanfilippo 0

Programming modular snake robots with Arduino, Aalesund University College

Here a small presentation that I have prepared for our students so that they can learn how to program modular snake robots.

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Aalesund University College at BioRob2014

I am very glad to represent Aalesund University College at the Proceedings of the 5th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob2014), here in São Paulo, Brazil. My presentation will be on Friday, August 15 and I am really looking forward to present ModGrasp.

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Modular robotic hand with vision object recognition capability

The main idea of this project consists of developing a modular robotic hand. A camera is embedded in the hand palm. This will allow for a stereo vision distance estimation of the object to grasp using only one camera. The idea consists in taking two pictures from different point of view by moving the arm where the hand will be placed. The two photos are then used to create a stereo image in order to estimate the distance from the object to grasp.

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Aalesund University College at BioRob 2012

Aalesund University College's Representative at the the 4th IEEE RAS & EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob), Rome, Italy.

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