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Modular five legged robot

Modular five legged robot

This is another student project at Aalesund University College, Mechatronics course (Spring semester 2012). The main idea of this project consists of developing a modular five-limbed robot. The goal is to develop a versatile robotic mobile platform featuring an easy-to-build mechanical structure, various locomotion capabilities and high manipulation flexibility. The initial mockup of the project is described in the image below.

For locomotion in unknown and hostile environment, modular robot platforms are expected to be more flexible and efficient than traditional fixed-shape robots, since such situations demand on-site locomotion adaption, shape adaption and task planning. Moreover, the modular approach also makes the mobile robotic system versatile, robust, cost-effective and fast to prototype, so that new configurations of different robots can be built fast and easily for exploration.

Possible approach

The gate of the robot is bio-inspired. In order to find the optimal gate a specific cost function has to be defined as a weighted balance of speed, mechanical energy of the actuators, torque, current consumption, …

Current implementation

Two groups of students have been working independently to the development of this same project. Both groups have been supervised by Professor Houxiang Zhang and Filippo Sanfilippo.

Students: Hatledal Lars Ivar, Heggem Ådne, Higraff Espen Økland.

Students: Håkon Sandanger Lunheim, Kenneth Strandabø, Eskil Fjørtoft Breivik, Jonas Roald Nordstrand.

Future works

  • Improve the mechanical structure. Redesign the touch sensors.
  • Optimal gate. Definition of a cost function as a weighted balance of speed, mechanical energy of the actuators, torque, current consumption, …
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Modular five legged robot - Filippo Sanfilippo
Filippo Sanfilippo