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Modular grasping snake robot

Modular grasping snake robot

This is another student project at Aalesund University College, Mechatronics course (Spring semester 2012). The main idea of this project consists in developing a modular snake robot capable of grasping objects. The initial mockup of the project is described in the figure below.

Possible approach

In order to realise the grasping function, Force Sensitive Resistors or current draw measurements at the joints level can be used. This last approach allows for more accurate measurements of the torque that each servo is executing during the grasping phase.

Current implementation

One group of students has been working to the development of this project under the supervision of Professor Houxiang Zhang and Filippo Sanfilippo.

Students: Gøncz Thomas, Frostad Katrine, Hjelme Camilla Hesseberg, Helland Thomas.

NOTE: Simulations were carried out by Frostad Katrine using OpenRAVE simulator under the supervision of Filippo Sanfilippo.

Future works

  • Drop the FSR sensors and use current measurement instead.
  • Pitch-yaw connection, new locomotion capabilities, like side-winding, rotating and rolling.
  • Camera and sensors, objects recognition, obstacles avoidance.
  • Brain control of the robot by using an EEG headset. Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain. This electrical activity can be monitored by using a special headset.
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Modular grasping snake robot - Filippo Sanfilippo
Filippo Sanfilippo