A Wave Simulator and Active Heave Compensation Framework
JOpenShowVar, a communication interface to Kuka robots

European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS) bibliography style and Latex template

I am currently writing a research article to be submitted to the European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS). As for all my other scientific articles, I am using LaTeX as typesetting system. I am a big fan of LaTeX not only because it is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents but also because this system is available as free software.

PmodACL accelerometer: sending data from Arduino to Processing with the I2C protocol

Some of my students had some troubles when using the PmodACL accelerometer sensor with the I2C protocol to communicate with Processing. Basically, from time to time the accelerometer sends some extra information concerning the state of the I2C channel. From the Processing side, we need to clean up and ignore these extra data before parsing the information. Also, from time to time, it seams that not all the values are transmitted by the accelerometer. Here a possible solution.

Filippo Sanfilippo